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We develop solutions integrated with corporate infrastructure, third-party or enterprise systems that consolidate financial data, automate data management and support decision making.

Accounts payable & accounts receivable management

Invoice processing

Payroll management

Planning & forecasting

Expense & revenue management

Tax payment processing

Financial risk management


We build solutions for managing and organizing personal finances, tracking spending behavior and monitoring expenses, reviewing savings forecasts and setting up financial goals.

Personal expense monitoring & optimization

Income & spending analysis

Budgeting, planning & forecasting

Smart advisors & recommendations

Real-time reports & built-in analytics

Notifications & alerts


We deliver investment management solutions that help financial institutions and hedge funds aggregate and process real-time market data, manage investment portfolios and analyze investment risks, make decisions on how much and when to invest.


Pearlsoft builds solutions that aggregate and visualize real-time and historical market and brokerage data from leading data providers and exchanges to get a unified data view and analyze it from a single place.


Solutions that help create, synchronize, manage and analyze all the investment portfolios and asset classes in a single place.

Alerts and notification

Get alerts when a stock hits certain targets: entry and exit alerts, alerts for trending up, down or sideways.

Investment calculator

Based on stock price, portfolio size, risk tolerance, etc. calculate stock volatility, investment amount and risk.

Portfolio optimization

We implement deep learning algorithms to forecast stock behavior, rebalance risk, and optimize portfolio.

Stock tracking

Solutions helping track and analyze behavior of stocks that are not in the investment portfolio.


Combining data mining, deep learning and machine learning, we create AI-powered trading engines that analyze a massive amount of available financial data to predict stock behavior, risk and volatility, provide recommendations on trading and investment strategy.

Forecasts and recommendations on stocks, bonds and commodities based on machine learning to evaluate available investment options and optimize the portfolio.

Behavioral segmentation and clustering to analyze individual data, objectives and expectations, and identify a personalized investment strategy.

AI-based models for algorithmic trading based on analysis of global data and trends, market prices and corporate accounting documents.

Pattern recognition and deep learning to analyze financial markets data, evaluate the portfolio, predict volatility and rebalance risk for each portfolio item.

AI-powered robo-advisors to make decisions when and how much to buy, when to get out and which volatility to expect.

Continuous aggregation, analysis and assessment of traders activities to reveal and block suspicious trades and events.